Cappadocia Balloon Bookings ist eine unabhängige online Agentur, die gegründet wurde, um Ihnen ein einmaliges Erlebnis bieten zu können.

Trotz günstiger Preise liegt uns Ihre Sicherheit am Herzen, deshalb setzten wir nur erfahrende und hochqualifizierte Piloten ein. Wir machen Ihnen es einfach eine Ballonfahrt zu buchen.

Verwirklichen Sie Ihren Traum – eine Ballonfahrt. 


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  • Erfahrene Piloten
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Haben Sie jemals über Afrika durch Heißluftballon geflogen? Heißluft-Ballon-Marrakkech bietet authentisch und exotische Hot Air Ballooning Experince über herrliche Aussicht auf Berberi Dörfer, Oase in der Wüste, tiefe Täler und Vorderseite des hohen Atlas-Gebirge. Die verschiedenen Farben der abwechslungsreichen Landschaft werden Ihnen den Atem rauben. Eine Aktivität nicht zu verpassen. Sie können choo


    Transport Von / zu Ihrem Hotel durch 4X4

    Frühstück LBerber Frühstück Caïdale Zelt

    Flugzeit 60 Minuten ca

    Korb Kapazität 16 Personen

    Versicherung Inbegriffen

    Feier Kaffee und marokkanischer Tee

    Andenken Flugbescheinigung u. Freies Internet

    Preis 250€ pro person

    Online Angebot 190 € pro Person

    Kind 0 bis 2 verboten 2 bis 4 Jahre kostenlos

    Kinderermäßigung Yuzde50 für 5-10 Jahre


    Transport Von/zu Ihrem Hotel 4X4

    Frühstück Berber Frühstück Caïdale Zelt

    Flugzeit 60 Minuten appx

    Korb Kapazität 16 Personen

    Versicherung Enthalten

    Feier Kaffee und marokkanischer Tee

    Andenken Flugzertifikat Kostenloses Internet

    Preis 300 € pro Person

    Online Angebot 240 € pro Person

    Kind 0 bis 2 verboten 2 bis 4 Jahre kostenlos

    Kinderermäßigung Yuzde50 für 5-10 Jahre


    Transport Von / bis Hotel mit 4x4 Privatwagen

    Frühstück Sky hochwertiges Frühstück

    Flugzeit 60 Minuten appx

    Korb Kapazität Zwischen 2-12 Personen

    Versicherung Enthalten

    Feier Kaffee und marokkanischer Tee

    Andenken Flugzertifikat, kostenloses Internet

    Preis 650€ pro Korb

    Online Angebot 540€ pro Korb

    Kind 0 bis 2 verboten 2 bis 4 Jahre kostenlos

    Kinderermäßigung %50 for 5-10 Jahr



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  • Children aged 0-4 are free to fly. To maximize everyone's safety and enjoyment, our pilots only fly with children who are old enough to understand a preflight briefing and tall enough to see over the side of the basket unaided by a parent or guardian. Parents and guardians should be mindful of flight times with small children who can get bored and restless standing in the balloon for an hour. 5-10 years old will be applied %50 discount. Over 10 years old adult pricing.

  • No. If you are pregnant or think that you might be pregnant, you should not fly due to the possibility of a bumpy landing. However, if you have friends or family taking a flight with us, we are more than happy to take you to the launch site to see them off and to meet them at the landing site.

  • Yes, we fly 12 months of the year due to weather conditions.

  • Pilots have a valid european licence and certification to be allowed to fly over Morocco delivered by the moroccan DAC (Direction of Civilian Air Authority). 

  • A deposit is due at booking, payable online through 3D secure payment at BOOK NOW division. The balance must be paid in cash or credit card prior to the flight. We accept Moroccan Dirhams, Euros, Pounds and US Dollars.

  • Balloons travel anywhere between 4 and 20 km, depending on the wind speed that day.

  • The typical balloon flight extends anywhere from tree level to roughly 2500 feet (750m) above the ground.

  • We suggest booking in advance, especially if you want to fly on a particular date.

  • From start to finish, your ballooning adventure will last about 4 hours. The preparation and inflation of the balloon normally takes about 30 minutes and is quite interesting to watch. The flight itself normally takes roughly one hour for standard flights. After the flight, you will have your authentic morrocan breakfast in tent and the return drive back to your hotel or riad. The balloons carry sufficient fuel for a flight time of more than 2 hours, plus a reserve tank for an additional 30 minutes.

  • Hot air balloons come in varying sizes, with capacities ranging from 2-8-12-16 people. Passengers stand in different compartments in the basket, enabling everyone to enjoy the spectacular views. Balloon volume, outside air temperature, altitude above sea level, and other variables all affect the flight.

  • The balloon will be followed by a chase vehicle, the ground crew, and the 4X4 will transfer to breakfast area first then transfer you back to your hotel. They are all in constant contact with the balloon pilot by radio and will be at the landing site when your balloon touches down. Once the balloon is packed away, then mobe breakfast area after that return to hotel.

  • The balloons fly better in cooler weather, since the hot air gives it a better "lift." Balloonists usually fly just after dawn or before dusk because there is less wind.

  • If the weather does not permit flying, your flight may be delayed until the following morning. We therefore recommend that you book your flight for your first available morning in Marrakech to avoid missing out on this unforgettable experience. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, and you are leaving the following morning, all payments made will be refunded in full. Tickets may be transferred to alternative dates and are valid for one year, subject to our cancellation policy.

  • Bring your camera, video cam, or phone to capture the best views of the region.

  • The temperature in the balloon is considerably cooler than on the ground. Thus we advise that you wear long trousers and tops with long sleeves or a jacket. It is important that you wear comfortable footwear, as you will be standing in the balloon for at least an hour

  • We will meet you at your hotel before your pick up service, depending on your hotel location. We will drive you to the launch site.

  • Ballooning requires good weather. We do not fly in wind consistently above 15 kmph, rain, snow, or fog. We also do not fly when thunderstorms threaten the area. Myriad other conditions can affect the decision to fly or not to fly, all of which will be duly considered by the pilot to ensure flight safety. The final decision regarding any flight rests with the pilot. If your scheduled flight is cancelled, the flight will be re-scheduled at no additional cost. If you are unable to re-schedule, all payments will be refunded in full.

  • We will either email you directly or by phone call or contact your hotel with your precise pick-up time one day prior to your flight.

  • Transfers between your Hotel & Riad and the launch site are included by 4X4

  • The take-off sites vary from day to day, according to wind speeds and direction, thus allowing us to visit the most charming sights of Berberi Villages, Deser Oasis, Mountains, Valleys.

  • Our balloons will land in any large area that is easily accessible, including parks, fields, school grounds, or alongside roads.

  • Only pilots who are licensed by the Air Authority DAC or European standards and have passed regular flight checks are allowed to conduct flights.

  • * Our Activity is under the control of the Air Authority DAC (Direction de l’Aviation Civile). 
    * We do go through control visits  (CDN - Navigability Certificate for each of our balloons) every 6 months, and we do follow a strict maintenance plan more demanding than what is requested by the Manufacturer.
    * We have a CTE (Technical Certificate for Air Operations) updated allowing us to transport paying passengers.

  • This only happens in very unique wind conditions. Most flights travel in one direction, with the wind, and then land in a large open area that is accessible by our ground crew.

  • We usually take off with the sun, the perfect time of day to take great photos and videos durıng flight.


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